Google Analytics Adds New Features

Google Analytics has just launched a new version of their system.

In the last version of Google Analytics, users were able to analyze previous activity on their website. Marketing teams have realized that the Internet moves quickly and watching real-time website activity is essential to analyze what marketing behaviors are effective. Google Analytics now offers Real-Time, which shows reports activity on a website, as it happens.

Another helpful feature added to Google Analytics is Mobile Reporting. Because the number of mobile users is constantly increasing, marketing teams and website owners need to be in tune with website traffic from mobile devices. The new feature reports which particular devices are accessing the website and how many visits were made with that device. Also, marketing teams can now see how many visitors their website is receiving from mobile ads.  Site owners can use this information in creating a website optimized for devices that visit their webpage frequently.  The addition of this feature illustrates the importance that businesses start investing in more mobile-based markets.

Flow Visualization has also been added to the new Google Analytics. This feature shows what path visitors traveled through your site. It shows a start to finish journey of their browsing within your website, through various pages and where they exited the site.

Google is continuously working to improve their tools for marketing teams and website owners. They listen to feedback from their clients and create helpful tools for more effective marketing and website creation. The Internet is constantly evolving and it’s important for websites to do the same.

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